ASIO invades your privacy

ASIO – Australia’s spy agency are awaiting approval for their plans to monitor suspected terrorist targets which require the utilization of commercial and criminal tactics.

The deployments of viruses or malwares to popular websites are to be uploaded to devices of suspects and innocent viewers to give the agency the ability to access the suspects directly, or through the innocent viewer’s computer devices.

Citizens are potentially third party conduits used to help ASIO monitor suspected targets, and pursue other security interests.

“They’re treating everyone like a terrorists as these infections ultimately allow back-door access” says a resident IT expert.


Bita, N. 2013. ASIO wants to hack you. Sunday Telegraph. p.3


Backlash for the Sutherland Woronora Cemetery bushland extension proposal

Woronora Cemetery has applied for an extension of 13 hectares into the Prince Edward park and is awaiting approval from the Sutherland Shire council and the community.

Feasibility studies currently conducted by the council, however in a local meeting, 23 of the 700 Woronora Valley residents had opposed the original plan for the extension into the bushland park.

Objections from the Resident Association’s mentioned that the land is an “unusual strip of ridge-top bushland ranging from dry forest to hanging swamp in a high-use fauna and birdlife corridor” and such development will disturb these species.


The Leader, 2013, January 3rd, Bushland under pressure, p.2

The U.S. ‘Fiscal Cliff’ drama is a distraction from real problems

Financial analyst Max Keiser is calling the U.S. ‘fiscal cliff’’ a distraction from the real problems in Wall Street (Herbert, 2012) such as the economic downturn caused by the housing bubble (Baker, 2013).

A deal has been struck to avert the ‘fiscal cliff’, but this comes at a massive cost to the economic future (Speigal Online International, 2013), “This deficit will potentially kill the dollar and ruin the economy…” (Poulos, 2012) and enslave the tax payers with more debt because the “US Public debt stands at more than 100% of GDP” (, 2013).



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STIC’s new ‘Workout’ album coming soon!

The health-conscious segment is rapidly increasing with various trends and products that aid in their quests for living a ‘healthier’ life.

There are many genres that are great to listen to while working out like dance music, heavy metal and hip-hop to name a few, but one growing trend is conscious hip-hop music for which STIC is best known for. His hip-hop poetry speaks about inspiration, spiritual awareness, fitness, diet and human empowerment over up-tempo beats. He also is current member of the ‘Dead Prez’ duo, who speaks about social and political issues, activism and supports the ‘black empowerment movement’.

Here’s a preview of ‘The Workout 2’ album which is coming soon,


For those that haven’t heard the first workout album from STIC, here’s a playlist from Youtube.

Social and politically conscious artwork

Source: Dees Illustrations from

The ‘internet revolution’ has brought along endless amounts of content and ‘new media’ channels, this allows alternative viewpoints to be heard by a mass audience.

A growing category is socially and politically conscious artwork which is seen on a much larger scale online than traditional media. User generated content generally dominates this sector.

“It is important that we have people question and criticise our system and reality in which we live” says an interviewee, however those that do are often seen as unpatriotic and shunned upon.

Here are some more examples of artists expressing themselves:

Socially responsible smartphone apps on the rise

There is an increase in demand from stakeholders for business actions to include corporate social responsibility and accountability, especially from high-tech companies.

The increased functionality and acceptance in Smartphones has introduced more apps that not only benefit the user but also society as a whole.

An app called SeeClickFix lets you get in-touch with your local government to make your voice heard about issues within the community.

iPhone Screenshot 1iPhone Screenshot 2iPhone Screenshot 3

Images from SeeClickFix

Greenmeter utilises the accelerometer in smartphones to assist users in saving fuel while driving.

Good Guide rates products made by socially responsible companies to quickly help you decide on what’s good to buy.

GoodGuide iPhone Home ScreenGoodGuide Android Barcode Scan ScreenGoodGuide iPhone Browse Product Details Screen

Images from GoodGuide


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