Philosophies of Cloud Atlas

The broad philosophical topics in Cloud Atlas create an interesting experience that will entice the audience to watch or read it over and over to understand a little more each time. It’s great to analyse and one of my favourites!

Some topics (to my limited knowledge) are:

  • Inter-dependence and social contract theories (perhaps Thomas Hobbes’s “Leviathon”) from quote: “Our lives are not our own, we are bound to others, past and present and by each crime and every kindness, we birth our future”.
  • Slavery
  • Ethics: Treating others of a different background
  • Re-incarnation

View more details from the links below.


This article is great for further reading on the story and philosophy

Cloud Atlas Quotes


STIC’s new ‘Workout’ album coming soon!

The health-conscious segment is rapidly increasing with various trends and products that aid in their quests for living a ‘healthier’ life.

There are many genres that are great to listen to while working out like dance music, heavy metal and hip-hop to name a few, but one growing trend is conscious hip-hop music for which STIC is best known for. His hip-hop poetry speaks about inspiration, spiritual awareness, fitness, diet and human empowerment over up-tempo beats. He also is current member of the ‘Dead Prez’ duo, who speaks about social and political issues, activism and supports the ‘black empowerment movement’.

Here’s a preview of ‘The Workout 2’ album which is coming soon,


For those that haven’t heard the first workout album from STIC, here’s a playlist from Youtube.