Backlash for the Sutherland Woronora Cemetery bushland extension proposal

Woronora Cemetery has applied for an extension of 13 hectares into the Prince Edward park and is awaiting approval from the Sutherland Shire council and the community.

Feasibility studies currently conducted by the council, however in a local meeting, 23 of the 700 Woronora Valley residents had opposed the original plan for the extension into the bushland park.

Objections from the Resident Association’s mentioned that the land is an “unusual strip of ridge-top bushland ranging from dry forest to hanging swamp in a high-use fauna and birdlife corridor” and such development will disturb these species.


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Struttin’ the streets for charity

Crowded into Martin Place to rendezvous before struttin' the streets

Crowded into Sydney’s Martin Place to rendezvous before struttin’ the streets

604 brave young people caused quite a scene in Sydney’s Martin Place on the 7th of December 2012 as they set a world record for the largest swimwear parade. This event helped raise money to ensure “indigenous kids complete school at the same rate as every Australian child”(AIME, 2012).

AIME, the organisation responsible for this, have so far raised over $100,000 for their cause and hope to raise $200,000 for their expansion across Australia and mentor those in need (AIME, 2012).

Entertainment to psyche up the crowd for their charity walk
Entertainment to psyche up the crowd for their charity walk


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