Socially responsible smartphone apps on the rise

There is an increase in demand from stakeholders for business actions to include corporate social responsibility and accountability, especially from high tech. companies.Additionally, technological innovators are expected to consider and factor in worker and consumer well-being and safety, sustainability, transparency, privacy and other moral, ethical and social concerns such as their impact on the ecosystem.

The increase of functionality and acceptance in Smartphone use has brought-on more apps that not only benefit the user but also society as a whole.

An app called SeeClickFix lets you get in-touch with your local government without the bureaucratic red-tape that delays and diffuses your requests so that you can easily make your voice heard about certain issues within the community.

iPhone Screenshot 1iPhone Screenshot 2iPhone Screenshot 3

Images from SeeClickFix
Greenmeter allows you to utilize the accelerometer of the smartphone in-order to save on fuel while driving.

Good Guide rates over 175,000 products made by socially responsible companies using ‘health’, ‘environment’, ‘society’, and an ‘overall score’ to quickly help you decide on what’s good and what to buy.

GoodGuide iPhone Home ScreenGoodGuide Android Barcode Scan ScreenGoodGuide iPhone Browse Product Details Screen

Images from GoodGuide

For more details click on the related links below:


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